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  Alwafai International Communication & Information Technology is one of best Company that provides advanced technology solutions and Communication services to Saudi market including both wireless and fiber-optic network build activities.


Copper unshielded twisted pair at 10G and beyond – it's over.

If you plan to deploy or migrate your network to 10G, don't let those bulky, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) copper cables. Complex to design with and to install, UTP copper cables create more issues than they resolve at 10G and beyond. The real facts are: unshielded copper twisted pair at higher data rates, including 10G, is over complicated, overweight, overheated and over capacity. In the data canter in particular, it's time to get over copper and make the move to fiber optics. 


One of the most beneficial advantages is the extremely wide connections, which allows for increased information carrying capacity.The practical bandwidth of fiber optic cables far exceeds that of copper cable assemblies. Using optical fibers also helps to minimize attenuation in your system. As a signal travels along a transmission medium, either copper or fiber, the signal will naturally lose strength. In a copper wire, the Copper Fiberattenuation increases as the frequency of the information signal increases. However, the attenuation in an optical fiber is virtually flat up until very high frequencies.


Unless properly shielded, copper conductors can have problems with Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) affecting the data signal. Any exposed copper conductor can act as an antenna, depending on its length, that will either radiate or receive energy. Proper impedance matching and continuous enclosure solves this problem. However, susceptibility is completely eliminated by using fiber optics, which is immune to EMI and crosstalk. Fiber optics is considered one of the most highly secure transmission methods available.


Alwafai has managed and executed large and critical projects kingdom wide. Alwafai has a new vision of being an enabler for Saudi environment to adopt and build Communication technologies in order to be service centric environment. It aims to be the leading provider for the most advanced and cost effective Communication infrastructure solutions and services in

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